WIN: Ashley Clayton

Ashley Clayton wins Leicestershire & Rutland Society of Architects Award.
Tutors: Sara Shafiei and Ben Cowd


WIN: Chris Christophi & Philip Cooksey

Chris Christophi wins MAKE Architects Award Part II and Philip Cooksey wins MAKE Architects Award for Part I.

Chris Christophi tutors: Sara Shafiei and Ben Cowd


WIN: Leicestershire & Rutland Society of Architects Award & Alderman Windley Scholarship

Jordan Young wins undergraduate Leicestershire & Rutland Society of Architects Award. Oliver Cowan also wins the undergraduate Alderman Windley Scholarship



Chris Christophi selected in BD's class of 2011.

Extract from article:

" The judges were beguiled by Christophi's series of atmospheric drawings. 'Beautiful renderings created a melancholy poetry where it was almost possible to hear the movement of the boats through the water and sucking and sighing of the Venice Lagoon,' said Charlotte Skene Castling. It was the best of this year's environmentally motivated projects. "


5th year Exhibition Film

Congratulations to the Class of 2011. To see their work please watch film at:


A special thanks to the students who produced a fantastic film:
PERTSEMLIDOU Sofia, VARDA Eleftheria, SARKA Giorgia, DEDES loannes, EVLOGIMENOS Kallikratis, RENTOPOULOS Emmanouil, KATINTSAROS, Nikolaos, KOLOZALI Hulya, FARROW Tom

Tutors: Sara Shafiei + Ben Cowd


Chris Christophi shortlisted for 3D REID

Chris Christophi has been shortlisted for the 3D REID prize this year and the final stage is a public vote. Please take a moment to support him by casting your vote on the following link:




Ashley Clayton Wins LRSA Award

Leicester and Rutland Society of Architects President Tom Hart awards Ashley Clayton prestigious award for his final year project.

Tutors: Sara Shafiei + Ben Cowd


Student Wins MAKE Award

Christopher Christophi Wins MAKE Architects Award for “outstanding integrated design”.

Tutors: Sara Shafiei + Ben Cowd


Students Win Ibstock Award

Students Victoria Bennett, Christopher Christophi, Alex Russell, Adam Grice, Richard Bailey and Christopher Christophi Win Ibstock Award for excellence in design.

Tutors: Sara Shafiei + Ben Cowd


Lecture at VCU Qatar

Sara Shafiei gives lecture at VCUQatar, Education City, Doha on the work of saraben-academia and saraben-studio.

For more information please visit:



Luke Snow and Ian Ritson Win David Nesbitt Prize

5th Year students Luke Snow and Ian Ritson win David Nesbitt Prize for "Excellence in one piece of course work or design project work."

Tutors: Sara Shafiei + Ben Cowd


Leicestershire and Rutland Society of Architects Awards 2011

Saraben-academia exhibits drawings and models at the LRSA Awards Ceremony 2011 and receives an award for excellence for the work produced during the RIBA initiated Polyark II event.

Many thanks to Alex Russell, Christopher Christophi, Rob Symonds, Ashley Clayton, James Flynn and Richard Bailey for their help

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Polyark II Super Crit, London

LSA students exhibit at Westminster University's P3 Gallery for the Polyark Super Crit 2011. The super crit featured work from The Architectural Association, London South Bank, Canterbury, Liverpool, Lincoln, Strathclyde University and The Leicester School of Architecture.

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