LSA Student Prizes 2010

Students tutored by Sara Shafiei and Ben Cowd win Leicester School of Architecture student prizes:

Leicester and Rutland Society of Architects Prize:
Best Graduating Part 2 Student: Richard Issleib
Best Performance by a non graduating student:
5th Year: Simon Davies & Ashley Clayton

Peter Elderfield Award
This award is given to a student who has investigated in a design project or thesis with a focus on housing, issues of sustainability, re-definition of the housing type, the notion of 'home', spatial quality within dwelling and it's connection within urban context, and to have offered a critique of current theories and orthodoxies.
6th Year:
Richard Issleib
Manpreet Bassan
Joseph D'Abbro
5th Year:
Richard Bailey
Ashley Clayton
3rd Year:
Rebecca Smith
Gareth Patrick
Adiyan Prize:
Simone Plassard
Ibstock Award for best use of digital technology:
Alex Taylor

Ibstock Award for best model/drawing:
James Flynn and Ashley Clayton

RIBA east midland student low carbon award:
Richard Issleib