RIBA Presidents Medals: Silver Medal Commendation and Serjeant Award for Excellence in Drawing

Christopher Christophi's 'Ecological Research & Macro Algae Monitoring Facility, North Arsenale, Venice' wins a commendation and the Serjeant Award for excellence in Drawing at the RIBA Presidents Medals.

Review by Phineas Harper at The Architecture Review 20/12/11

"This atmospheric montage is the work of Christopher Christophi, a graduate from De Montfort University School of Architecture and winner of the Serjeant Award for Excellence in Drawing at this year’s RIBA President’s Medals. Three laboratory towers converge with existing lecture halls, connecting to historic nodes by public walkways creating a macro algae monitoring facility and ecological research centre symbiotically existing with Venice’s fragile lagoons.

The complex programme was exhaustively researched under tutors, Ben Cowd and Sara Shafiei. Christopher conceived his own strategy of defensive design that seeks to protect Venice and its lagoons from a creeping onslaught of microscopic invaders.The project, which was also commended in the Silver Medal category for Part 2 students, combines romanticised
murky drawings with a pragmatic manifesto."

To see Chris's winning entry click here