WIN: Mark Sykes & Luke Snow win Creative Thinking Award

Congratulations to Mark Sykes who wins the £4,000 prize, with Luke Snow picking up the £2,000 prize.
“The emergence of technologies such as 3D printing has the potential to change the way we design, manufacture and distribute physical objects,” said Mark, 27, who’s from Sydney, Australia.
“What needs to take place is a conversation about how this new technology, and the principles of open source design, will affect the architectural design process.
“My proposal for a Faculty for Open Source Architecture would provide a physical location – at a former US spy station – where these ideas could be explored by architects, designers and members of the public.”

Also impressing was 26-year-old Luke Snow, who’s idea was an integrated design project that aims to create a ‘carbon negative Britain’.

Tutor: Ben Cowd